CastiaRx Clinical Programs

The right drug for the right patient at the best cost. CastiaRx offers a suite of clinical programs to help patients get the right drug while also getting maximum value from their pharmacy benefits.

New to Market

Ensures sufficient  time to evaluate newly FDA-approved medications to ensure safe, efficacious and cost-effective utilization by patients.

Step Therapy

Provides a pathway to consider all medications available to treat a condition, ensuring low-cost options are tried prior to coverage for higher cost drugs.

Prior Authorization

Pairs best practice with cost-effective treatment using a comprehensive set of clinical criteria that must be met prior to approval of therapy.

Opioid Safety

Utilizes education, messaging, analysis and prescriber intervention focused on patients filling opioid prescriptions from multiple prescribers or pharmacies.

Quantity Limits

Identifies the maximum amount of medication for a defined period, promoting safety while avoiding potential misuse, such as stockpiling, sharing or overuse.

Consumer Preference Fees

Applies when a member or prescriber requests a brand when a generic equivalent is available and results in a higher member cost to receive the brand drug.

Drug Utilization Review (DUR)

Includes review for drug-drug interaction, drug-allergy interaction, incorrect dosage, duplicate therapy, pregnancy, age and gender precautions, and more.

Comprehensive Medication Exclusion List

Excludes chemically similar drugs with the same mechanism of action, which add cost without adding value, and provides protection from new high-cost medications.

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