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July 2019

Meet Valerie Woerndle, Director of Clinical Operations.

Riding the waves of change is nothing new for Valerie Woerndle, RPh, BCPS, our recently named Director of Clinical Operations. With 25+ years of experience, she leads the team that identifies client savings opportunities, promotes best practices and develops innovative approaches – all in the fast-moving pharmacy benefits industry.

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Making sure new drugs add value, not just cost.

In 2018, the FDA approved 3 new, injectable drugs developed to fight migraine headaches. Expensive new drugs are the talk of the industry, with many more making their way through the pipeline. To serve both the plan and the member, clients need experienced clinicians at their side to manage plan exposure while covering appropriate treatment options.

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Timely formulary updates needed to keep pace with the FDA.

Twice a year, many of us set our clocks for daylight saving time or change our smoke detector batteries. In the PBM world, formulary updates are on a similar bi-annual schedule – typically in January and July. So why do we update our formularies twice per year?

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Video series improves the patient experience: play video.

Managing complex conditions and specialty therapies can be challenging for patients. When faced with a chronic illness, extra time and attention promote peace of mind. It’s helpful to know what to expect and the resources available, and that’s the idea behind our new patient video series.

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Enhanced order tracking is here.

There’s something new in the Member Center – an exciting capability that’s been widely requested and anticipated. Filling a prescription means no more wondering about where that order is in the process, whether a refill has been secured, when it will be shipped and when the member can expect it to arrive.  Enhanced order tracking is here!

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Easier decisions with data.

When you’re the one responsible for your health plan, choosing a formulary is one of your most important decisions. A formulary is the backbone of your pharmacy benefits – it determines the savings you achieve and the breadth of medication options you give your members.

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