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May 2019

Clinical Account Executives: Experts at your side.

Clinical Account Executives are highly experienced pharmacists with diverse backgrounds in retail, infusion care and complex healthcare systems. Every CastiaRx client has one – and if you have not yet worked with your clinical account executive, now is a great time to make that connection.

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A closed formulary opens the door to plan savings.

In today’s world of direct-to-consumer advertising and an avalanche of “me too” drugs from drug manufacturers, a closed formulary can protect your plan from unnecessary drug costs. Unnecessary costs because these drugs don’t offer a clinical advantage to your member, but drive up the costs of your plan.

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Meet Kirk Curtis, Associate VP: Transforming the member experience.

With a background leading process improvement, Kirk Curtis is well equipped in his new role overseeing the CastiaRx Contact Center. Service has long been Kirk’s passion as he draws from previous PBM experience, including 15+ years leading contact center teams with up to 1,100+ employees.

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Watch video – for a quick look at the features of our Member Center.

Medications help people lead healthier lives, but when it comes to prescriptions, who wants to spend time guessing at costs, hunting for a list of their meds or searching the fine print of a formulary? Our Member Center makes life easier. Take a tour of its many features in our video.

Member Center campaign highlights digital self service.

Chances are, your plan members are looking for better ways to manage their pharmacy benefits. That’s why we created the CastiaRx Member Center – to make their lives easier!

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Putting cost in the member equation.

Today, many consumers are curious about the cost of their medication and want an easy way to compare drug costs so they get the best value for their money. With the newest feature of our digital Member Center – the prescription cost estimator – the answer is just a few clicks away.

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Taking great care of the 1%, powered by Diplomat.

High-cost, specialty drugs for the treatment of complex, chronic conditions represented just 13% of pharmacy spend 10 years ago. Today, that percentage is nearly 50%. With only 1-2% of your plan members driving these costs, it’s critical that this subset of your members receives outstanding care and support.

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SAV program for the win!

Our CastiaRx Specialty Additional Value (SAV) program is an essential resource to help you actively manage the cost of specialty drugs. With SAV, we help your members apply for any financial assistance offered by the specialty drug manufacturer. We then structure it so that the full amount, often as much as $12,000/year/drug, is used to bring down plan costs.

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Healthcare Tech Outlook names CastiaRx to their Top 10 list

Our unique Specialty Benefit Management approach landed us a spot on the prestigious Top 10 list of pharmacy solution providers. Chris Luthin, Group COO, shares his industry perspective and how we are helping clients manage their specialty pharmacy trend. Download the article.

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