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November 2019

Introducing Travis Potter: Training the Contact Center to excel.

During 2019, our CastiaRx Contact Center transformed from the ground up to better utilize our talented people, comprehensive training and world class solutions to serve members. Travis Potter, Lead Trainer, Operations and Systems, provides the expertise and inspiration for this evolution, creating curriculum, providing guidance and continually evaluating the approach that is the heartbeat of the center. Earlier this year, Travis introduced a new hire training program that includes 4 weeks of classroom instruction and 2 weeks of “nesting” side-by-side with seasoned representatives. Our experts in Omaha and St. Louis made significant contributions toward developing the training materials.

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Empower your members: One website, many resources.

Members and caregivers who live with chronic conditions need not feel alone. Diplomat’s Empower Ecosystem is a robust, online resource that moves beyond medication to provide assistance, camaraderie and support during challenging health circumstances. Articles, videos and tips help with the daily issues that chronic health conditions can bring. Preserving fertility during chemotherapy. Finding the right wig afterward. Making a weighted blanket to use during treatments. Helping a child who is going through chemo.

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Smart formulary management.

Management of drug formularies is one of the key PBM services we provide health plans and plan sponsors. Our formulary management process is value-based, with careful consideration given to what drugs are the most safe, clinically appropriate and cost-effective options for members. These decisions are reflected in all of our CastiaRx formularies.

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Medication Refills: Credit cards accepted online.

Your members asked and we delivered! Online credit card payment is now available for home delivery refills. When placing orders to refill their medications, members have the option to pay online with a credit or debit card, call in a check or mail their payment.

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Protect against the flu.

CastiaRx is geared up to help you fight the flu at your organization or workplace. An annual, seasonal flu vaccination is a highly effective way to help protect against flu. It’s particularly important for people who are at high risk of developing serious flu complications.

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