Why choose CastiaRx?

A mindset of innovation and deep knowledge about the drug market allows us to guide our clients to manage costs and avoid surprises.

Pharmacy costs within the medical benefit

We solve the whole specialty equation with our national infusion network.

Industry-leading patient satisfaction—year after year

We make the patient journey easier with intuitive patient tools and support.

Broad access to limited distribution drugs

We give you a one-stop shop for access to most specialty medications.

A rich heritage founded on specialty therapy

We bring a long-standing legacy of caring for the most complex patients.

Pharmacy Benefits
Medical Benefits

With a foundation in specialty pharmacy and deep PBM expertise, we’re well equipped to manage healthcare costs across both pharmacy and medical plans.

From a national network of specialty infusion providers, to a site of care program that promotes the lowest cost drug delivered in the least restrictive setting, we’ve built CastiaRx to holistically address pharmacy costs.


satisfaction from our specialty patients.7

We take complexity out of the patient journey and tailor the experience—ranging from high touch to self-service—based on patient stage of illness, clinical status and preferences.

Patients who get the social, clinical and financial support they need can better withstand the challenges of dealing with chronic, complex and costly conditions.


limited distribution drugs means we've covered our bases.

As the number of drugs in limited distribution climbs even higher, pharmaceutical manufacturers expect advanced data collection and evaluation, high compliance rates and proven patient support programs from their distribution partners.

We’ve demonstrated time and again we’ve got what it takes, with a strong record of success in winning the rights to distribute drugs within this unique subset of specialty.

For CastiaRx, specialty isn't an afterthought.

Our unique heritage gives us a laser-like focus on specialty pharmacy—the fastest growing cost within healthcare. Built from day one to take care of specialty patients, we bring a different perspective than a traditional PBM.

Knowing our clients want seamless service, we offer the full suite of PBM services, all delivered with compassion and fueled by intuitive technology.

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